A Guide to Air Quality Control

When using a home heating system, at times we forget about the harm we are causing to the environment. While some of us make these mistakes unknowingly, others do not seem to care too much about the damages being made. However, since nature is at a fragile stage right now, we must take serious note of the air quality control measures and ensure that we make the air cleaner and healthier at every step. Take a look at this article to find out how we can do our part to control the pollutants in the air and make Mother Nature slightly happier.

Factors that affect the quality of air

A Guide to Air Quality ControlHome heaters often cause a lot of pollution. People who use fires to heat up their homes release a lot of smoke into the air and this causes the quality of the air to fall. However, what you burn makes a difference and so if it is just wood, the damage is not so bad. But if you burn synthetic or plastic items, it causes a lot of unhealthy fumes which goes on to harm the quality of the air tremendously. So make sure you only use a natural fireplace.

Many kinds of heating systems also cause the air to get polluted. As we all know, heaters and air-conditioners release many harmful chemicals into the air and while you sit comfortably inside your house, the air outside gets contaminated. So make sure you discard any old, harmful heater or air-conditioner that you may have and replace them with the modern, green heating systems. Solar heaters, hydronic heaters, etc are brilliant options here as they are completely environment friendly and do not pollute the environment at all.

Air quality control

A Guide to Air Quality ControlSince the radiators and heaters are widely used these days, there is a lot we can do by simply switching to green heating systems. Replace your old forced air heater with a modern solar room heater. Solar energy is completely renewable and does not create any sort of pollution. It is also extremely economical and so, apart from saving the environment, you also end up saving a lot of your hard earned money! Then, replace your old boilers and radiators with newer endurance boilers and hydronic radiators that use minimum power and deliver maximum results. These devices are built keeping all the modern day requirements in mind and so are very good for the air quality control measures as well.


You can choose to ignore the air pollution levels and be comfortable in your own home, but that will only make the matter worse and very soon you will find it difficult to breathe when you step out. So join hands and make every amend you can to improve the quality of the air. You can start off by checking the radiators and heaters you use as these contribute greatly to the quality of the air around you. A small step from you may lead to a large step for the betterment of the environment.